SDitH in the QROM


December 4, 2023







Carlos Aguilar-Melchor, Andreas Hülsing, David Joseph, Christian Majenz, Eyal Ronen, Dongze Yue


The MPC in the Head (MPCitH) paradigm has recently led to significant improvements for signatures in the code-based setting. In this paper we consider some modifications to a recent twist of MPCitH, called Hypercube-MPCitH, that in the code-based setting provides the currently best known signature sizes. By compressing the Hypercube-MPCitH five round code-based identification into three rounds we obtain two main benefits. On the one hand, it allows us to furtherdevelop recent techniques to provide a tight security proof in the quantum-accessible random oracle model (QROM), avoiding the catastrophic reduction losses incurred using generic QROM-resultsfor Fiat-Shamir. On the other hand, we can reduce the already low-cost online part of the signature to just a hash and some serialization. In addition, we propose the introduction of proof-of-work techniques to allow for a reduction in signature size. On the technical side, we develop generalizations of several QROM proof techniques and introduce a variant of the recently proposed extractable QROM.

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